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Powerful Staffing Webapp

deploy scheduler Whether considering a minor reallocation or a significant change to scheduled days on/off, you'll want quantitative data as you make your decision. You'll have the power to work with nearly any schedule design and quickly see graphs showing how staffing levels will adapt to the incoming work throughout the week.

  • Determine the best district/division assignments as new police officers complete field training
  • Quickly re-allocate officers to teams and or shifts as staffing levels change
  • Optimize shift start times and team sizes
  • Print rosters or export to Excel® spreadsheets to arrange your shift bids (see sample roster)
  • Project hourly response times or proactive time in the future with a given patrol schedule
  • Justify budget requests for additional officers

fit graph Using Deploy™, you'll quickly see the projected impact of proposed changes. But, the number of shifts, teams, their start times, and days off are all variables that you should consider simultaneously. Changing any one of them without access to adequate supporting data can result in understaffing at peak times. The number of possible combinations is enormous.

Project Bullseye applies the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to consider millions of different schedule designs and recommends the best balance of demand across all of your patrol officers.


Provide just a few parameters, and our array of powerful computers will begin working together to consider millions of different schedule designs and then present a list, ranked according to the demand placed on each officer over the entire schedule.
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"Many patrol commanders have made comments that their division’s shift coverage is better now compared to years when they had more personnel assigned overall, but their schedules were created with another scheduling tool."
-Colorado Springs, CO Police