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Periodic Patrol Workload Assessments

A proactive police force must regulary measure the demand placed on their patrol officers to adequately plan for the evolving needs of the communities they serve. Patrol commanders must be more vigilant than ever as budgets are under extraordinary pressure and attrition is forcing agencies to meet increasing demand with decreasing numbers of officers.

Inside each periodic analysis, you'll see the demand placed on each officer, revealing imbalances in the current deployment strategy.

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Armed with this unprecedented level of detail, you'll be able to:

  • Measure obligated and unobligated time per officer at every hour of the week
  • See a summary of time spent on all types of events, including administrative activity
  • Compare and contrast workload in different districts and beats
  • Accurately measure the demand at shift changes
  • Compare two time periods side by side

total tracked time per officer

Deploy Plus™ presents a summary of the average time consumed per officer on different categories during every hour of the week. Additionally, per-officer time can be projected into the future with different patrol schedules or staffing levels. Minor adjustments to start times and overlaps combined with proportional allocation between shifts can result in a more even distribution of the per-officer workload across your entire schedule.

Using our Deploy™ web application, you can allocate and schedule officers using the highest quality of supporting data.

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"Now that we have approximately 24 months of data to compare, it is evident that Corona Solutions predicted workload very accurately." -Corona, CA Police