Patrol Workload Assessments, Scheduling Software, and Redistricting

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A Purpose-built Reporting System

Since the beginning, it's been our mission to make the job of managing patrol schedules more effective by revealing details that are difficult or impossible to summarize with off-the-shelf reporting software or spreadsheets. We've invested a lot of time to make sure our reports are accurate and detailed but also easy to digest. Feedback from our customers inspired each section.

Instead of looking at a single snapshot, you'll see data summarized and directly compared between two periods of time. With a continuing subscription, we can track changes over time and highlight long-term trends.

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Per-shift averages for workload studies are easy to calculate, but they don't account for overlaps and may conceal problem areas where demand outpaces the available patrol officers. Shift changes often bring into focus the pain of understaffing, and the concern for officer safety becomes elevated.

Deploy Plus shows how much time was required for each officer on-duty at every hour of the average week. Minor adjustments to start times and overlaps combined with proportional allocation between shifts can result in a more even distribution of the per-officer workload across your entire schedule.

With the included access to our Deploy software, you'll be able to quickly make these decisions using the best quality of supporting data.

Powerful Software

deploy scheduler We utilize our Deploy web application to manage and visualize the potential impact of schedule changes. As a Deploy Plus customer, you'll also have access to it and will be guided through our methodology to build trust in our recommendations. Using the software, you can:

With Deploy, you can easily see the projected impact of proposed changes. fit graph But, the number of shifts, teams, their start times, and days off are all variables that you should consider simultaneously. Changing any one of them without access to adequate supporting data can result in understaffing at peak times. The number of possible combinations is mind-boggling.

Project Bullseye, a new feature, applies the power of artificial intelligence to consider potentially millions of different schedule designs and recommends the most efficient it can find. Now, it's a simple task to adjust your schedule for seasonal changes in weather or population.


Provide just a few parameters, and our array of powerful computers will begin working together to consider millions of different schedule designs and then present a list, ranked according to the demand placed on each officer over the entire schedule.

Balanced Beats / Redistricting

Having balanced the coverage over time with a new schedule assignment, it's a good idea to balance coverage geographically and determine the ideal number of beats. We will apply our experience with artificial intelligence to help design a new beat map with an even distribution between your areas of coverage. We will find the best balance between multiple weighted statistics and rules you define to handle roads, railroads, rivers, or other geographic obstacles to consider.
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"Now that we have approximately 24 months of data to compare, it is evident that Corona Solutions predicted workload very accurately." -Corona, CA Police