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Corona Solutions offers a data-driven platform that can help deploy and schedule your patrol force, efficiently matching the actual measured demand from your communities. Deploy Plus™ enables you to keep your finger on the pulse of operations and adds measurable value to a dynamic patrol strategy.

Periodic Patrol Workload Assessments

consumed time See a complete picture of the workload placed on officers during each hour of the week, including obligated, unobligated, and untracked time. Detailed tables and charts show frequency and time consumed on call types, response times, cross-coverage, demand per beat, and more.

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Powerful Staffing Webapp

deploy scheduler We utilize our Deploy™ web application to design, manage, and visualize the potential impact of patrol schedule changes. As a Deploy Plus™ partner agency, you'll also have access and will be guided through our methodology to build trust in our recommendations.

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Community-Centered Deployment Plans

Community-centered plan By adopting a geographic-policing strategy, repeatedly having the same patrol officers in the same communities to create trust and familiarity, agencies can champion the kind of partnership to which they aspire.

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redistricting and balanced beats As the demographic makeup of your communities evolves, demand for service can migrate to different areas over time. We offer district, sector, zone, and beat design services with Deploy Plus™ or as a stand-alone service to help realign boundaries and balance multiple weighted variables.

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"Now that we have approximately 24 months of data to compare, it is evident that Corona Solutions predicted workload very accurately." -Corona, CA Police