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Data-Driven Solutions for Optimized Patrol Operations
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Patrol Workload Assessments, Scheduling Software, and Redistricting

Since 1995, Corona Solutions has partnered with police and sheriffs to help them allocate and schedule available patrol officers to best align with the varying demand for service from the communities they serve. What began as a simple desktop application has evolved into a powerful platform for software and services. These tools help us provide highly-detailed assessments of patrol service metrics at regular intervals including the insight of an experienced operations analyst. Deploy Plus enables you to keep your finger on the pulse of patrol operations and adds measurable value to a dynamic patrol strategy.
Key benefits of Deploy Plus include:

Summarize Officer Consumed Time

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Consumed time is the cornerstone of our analysis. Deploy Plus shows in-depth measurements of not only how many events were reported but also how much time was spent handling them by every responding officer. Also presented are summaries of officer-initiated activities and other administrative duties that they must manage during a shift.

Compare Service Statistics

statistics In your reports, you will find charts and tables that compare two time periods with a clear side-by-side presentation. You'll quickly see what has changed and measure the effects of policy or schedule adjustments you implement. Metrics will be tracked over time so trends in performance and demand are accurately presented.

Find Efficient Schedules

efficient schedules Whether considering a minor reallocation or a significant change to scheduled days on/off, you'll want quantitive data as you make your decision. You'll have the power to work with nearly any schedule design and quickly see graphs showing how staffing levels will adapt to the incoming work throughout the week. Included software can search millions of variations of schedule patterns to find the best allocation of officers to shifts and teams.

Justify Patrol Budgets

justify patrol budgets How many officers do you need to maintain a six-minute emergency response time while also allowing twenty minutes per hour of proactive time per officer? Not only can we project the number required to achieve goals like these using your current schedule, but we can also suggest modifications to help reach your goals with your current staffing level.

Redistricting / Balanced Beats

redistricting and balanced beats A plan for efficient operations wouldn't be complete without an effective beat plan. Once appropriate staffing levels are determined, we can design a suitable beat plan so that your on-duty officers each have a fair balance of workload. We offer district and beat design with Deploy Plus or as a stand-alone service.

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"Many patrol commanders have made comments that their division’s shift coverage is better now compared to years when they had more personnel assigned overall, but their schedules were created with another scheduling tool."
-Colorado Springs, CO Police