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Periodic Patrol Workload Assessments

Instead of looking at a single snapshot in a report, you'll see data summarized and compared between two periods of time. Charts are grouped by hour and day of week so the direct impact on each scheduled officer becomes apparent. With a continuing subscription, we can show changes over time and highlight long-term trends.

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cfs + admin time per officer

Per-shift averages for workload studies are easy to calculate, but they don't account for overlaps and may conceal problem areas where demand outpaces the available patrol officers. Shift changes often bring into focus the pain of understaffing, and the concern for officer safety becomes elevated.

Deploy Plus™ shows how much time was required of each officer on-duty during every hour of the week. Minor adjustments to start times and overlaps combined with proportional allocation between shifts can result in a more even distribution of the per-officer workload across your entire schedule.

By using our Deploy™ web application, you'll be able to quickly make these decisions using the best quality of supporting data.

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"Now that we have approximately 24 months of data to compare, it is evident that Corona Solutions predicted workload very accurately." -Corona, CA Police