New Feature in Discover: Public User Management

A popular use of Discover is to set up alerts for property owners.  However, this required some extra work in creation and management of these “public users”.  To make this process easier, we added a checkbox to the User Manager.  This allows you to flag a user as a public recipient. Two new features make use of this checkbox:  

Public Alert Call Type Exclusions

If there are sensitive types of calls that should not be revealed to property owners or managers, you may select these call types to exclude.  They can be added or changed in a single location instead of editing every alert.

Public E-mail Notification Text

When sending e-mails, it is common to include a standard paragraph to appear above the alert information, perhaps to include a contact name and telephone number that can answer questions about the alert.

Now, you can enter some text that will automatically be included at the top of each alert e-mail that gets delivered.  If this text is modified, all alerts delivered to public users will inherit this change.

Both of these new features are available an the Admin tab.

A column was added to indicate which user accounts are marked as public in the User Manager.



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