Corona Solutions Announces Significant Update to Ops Force: Deploy

Corona Solutions recently unveiled a new addition to their Ops Force: Deploy product that’s focused on the task of scheduling patrol officers within law enforcement agencies.  While Deploy assigns the appropriate number of officers to an existing schedule pattern, the newest feature, Project Bullseye takes the practice of scheduling to the next level.


Project Bullseye brings the capability to evaluate potentially millions of different schedules by utilizing a large “cluster” of computers that will make several recommendations according to their match with the needs of the community.  Adopting a new schedule that better aligns the number of officers on-duty with the measured demand will result in an increase in proactive time available to officers that can be used to benefit community engagement and crime prevention activities.


“The Project Bullseye release is a major event for our company.  We’ve been working towards this functionality since the beginning, over twenty years ago.  We imagined doing this long before the computing power was available to do such complicated calculations.  Now that it is, we are excited to see how our customers will benefit from this enhancement.” -Dan Harris, President of Corona Solutions


Deploy has led the way in operations analysis by providing staffing recommendations after thoroughly examining information stored in a database of 911 call records.  The record-keeping in most of these systems is very detailed and will track the locations, time of occurrence, and the officers’ time spent handling each call for help that comes in.  Deploy has always been able to assist those tasked with scheduling patrol officers by assigning the appropriate amount of people to an existing schedule pattern in the most effective way. Users are also able to compare different schedules and easily evaluate suitability for the demand for service as calculated from the detailed 911 call history.


While Deploy has provided tremendous value to its  customers, the question remained of how to choose the best shift patterns and when to start the shifts that are working.  In most agencies, if changing the schedule is considered, only one or two alternatives are presented as possible replacements.  Finding new patrol schedules was a very time-consuming and daunting task due to the challenge of balancing the requirements of officer safety with community expectations of response time while still being constrained by limited budgets.

Corona Solutions has been improving the process of matching staffing levels to the demand from the community since 1995.  Project Bullseye tackles the challenge of schedule design and makes this easier to create and evaluate new patrol schedules.


Project Bullseye is available in the Deploy and Deploy Plus products.

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